release album – Triakel Sat, 19 Mar 2022 09:01:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 release album – Triakel 32 32 Stabbing Westward Frontman adds insight into the band’s 2002 breakup Fri, 18 Mar 2022 20:25:10 +0000

Stabbing Westward is back with chasing ghosts, their brand new album, which is out today (March 18), and is their first since 2001. To commemorate the release of the album, frontman Christopher Hall joined Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez to chat, and he explained why the band initially broke up back in 2002.

“I think a lot of things happened simultaneously. The music industry was collapsing, it was true – 2000 is just when Napster and music downloads were just at an all-time high, and the record labels They were hemorrhaging money They weren’t selling For a while they had a monopoly on $15 CD’s so first they made money and then when people found out about MP3s they got said, ‘Oh, we can have all the recorded songs for free if I just want to spend 72 hours straight drinking Mountain Dew and downloading songs,'” Hall recalled.

Due to the lack of revenue the labels were getting, they started dropping bands, and Stabbing Westward was one of the victims dropped by Columbia. They found out about the news before the release of their fourth album, which Hall said put a lot of stress on himself and his bandmates.

Nevertheless, the band persisted and landed another recording contract on an independent label, which the singer identifies as when the dynamic within the band really started to get messy.

“There were people outside the band who were whispering in our ears, saying things like, ‘If you changed your sound, you could be a lot bigger than you are now. You should have been a lot bigger than you are not.’ The people in the band were kind of okay with that, so there was a lot of pressure to try and reinvent the band, and then a couple of us were like, ‘No, we think we should just be who we are, we’ve got a good, solid fan base. Let’s hang on to them, let’s not want more of them, “and that kind of pulled the bands in two different directions,” Hall continued.

Stabbing Westward released their self-titled fourth album through Koch Entertainment, which was acquired by Entertainment One in 2005. Hall noted that the album, indeed, sounded different, and that it was not successful for them. This only heightened the tensions between the band members, as some of them had pushed for a new sound, while others had not.

The band reunited for a tour in 2016 to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band, but they had no plans to make the reunion permanent at that time. However, at the end of 2019, they announced that a new EP titled dead and gone would be released in early 2020. In the fall of 2021, they performed a handful of shows, then dropped the song “I Am Nothing”.

Now, chasing ghosts is available everywhere. Stream the album below and tune into Loudwire Nights tonight at 7 p.m. ET to hear more reunion and album details.

Loudwire Nights with Toni Gonzalez airs nightly starting at 7 p.m. ET. You can connect anytime, from anywhere here or by downloading the Loudwire app.

Top 90 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 1990s

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Andrew Bird, Jenny Lewis, Ducks Ltd, Def Leppard, more Thu, 17 Mar 2022 20:54:12 +0000

So many artists, so little time. Every week, we review a handful of new albums (from all genres), round up even more new music that we’d call “indie” and talk about what’s coming out of metal. We post music news, track premieres and more all day. We update a weekly playlist of some of our current favorite tracks. Here is a daily summary with a bunch of interesting and recently released songs in one place.


It’s probably a cliché to say that a metal band sounds like they’re coming out of a swamp, but black New York metalheads Bog Body really do it on “Paralytic Pit Of Swallowed Graves,” the first preview- taste of their next album assisted by Ben Greeberg (of Uniform). Cryonic Rift Cultscheduled for May 20 via Profound Lore.


Happy Saint Patrick! Celtic punk bands The Rumjacks and Flatfoot 56 drop a separate EP on May 6, and one song from each band is out today: The Rumjacks’ street punk ripper “Whitecaps” and the more traditional sounding “Mud” of Flatfoot 56.


Kevin Devine prepares the release of his new album Nothing’s real, so nothing’s wrong next week (3/25) via Triple Crown, and in the meantime he’s released a cover of “Hysteric” from Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ 2009 album It’s Blitz!. Kevin’s stripped-down rendition sounds more like the acoustic version of YYY’s song than the album’s version, but even beyond that he adds his own appealing twist to it and sings it the way he has it. written.


South Korean band Asian Glow and Swedish artist Weatherday have released a collaborative EP, glow of timeand there are six pieces of catchy, fuzzy pop noise.


British punks The Sewer Cats will release their debut album cute aggression on April 15th via TNSrecords, and here is the new single “Answer the Question”.


Remi Wolf is taking part in his “Gwingle Gwongle Tour” this fall, and she followed up his announcement with his first new music since his 2021 debut. Juno, “Pool,” an appealing pop track she collaborated on with Still Woozy. “Pool was such a beautifully natural collaboration – and a perfect reflection of how life can so seamlessly turn into art,” says Remi. “It perfectly shows the comfort I and Sven have with each other and how our two wildly different skill sets can create something that feels so true to both of us. We walked into the process writing with the intention of being 100% honest and accurate with where we both were that day and I love how when I listen to the song it feels like a real time capsule for our two life situations at the time.


Devon Kay & the Solutions have always had a ska-punk side to them, but they go full ska-punk on this catchy, cocky, anthemic new song.


As Def Leppard prepare for their stadium tour with Mötley Crüe, Poison and Joan Jett, they have announced their first album in seven years, Diamond Star Halos, scheduled for May 27 via UMe. It includes two songs featuring Alison Krauss, and the first single is “Kick”. If you’re curious about what Def Leppard looks like in 2022, it’s over here:


Minneapolis duo The Catus Blossums have shared the video for “Everybody,” their collaboration with Jenny Lewis. “We were lucky enough to open a small series of shows with Jenny a few years ago and hearing her amazing voice and watching her bewitch her audience night after night was truly inspiring. She’s a heavy hitter in every way possible, so it’s a dream come true to hear her vocals on one of our songs,” the band said. Jenny’s vocals fit perfectly with the Everly Brothers style of the Cactus Blossoms.


Ducks Ltd have teamed up with Illuminati Hotties for a cover of the Jesus & Mary Chain single “Head On”. Says Tom McGreevy of Ducks Ltd: “The original ‘Head On’ is a total classic. The lyrics are so brilliant in an understated way, but I actually started thinking about covering it after listening to the Pixies cover. on Trompe le Monde (which is the best Pixies album, not @ me) They really don’t care, in a totally different way than The Jesus and Mary Chain, and it made me desperate to have a chance to sing it, and also got me thinking about ways to adapt the vibe to fit our world a bit. Sarah Tudzin has a huge and powerful production/mixing mind and one of my voices favorite vocals of everyone doing stuff right now, so we asked her if she would be willing to work on it with us and she helped us figure out how to put all the pieces together. Really a big honor! She also persuaded us to record our guitars with real amplifiers for the first time. but, rather than going straight into the box as we normally do, which sounds like a lie! Amplifiers! Who knew!”


Still Corners made a video for their new single “Far Rider” which they filmed while on a 6000 mile trip to New Mexico. “We did it all on a handheld camera,” Still Corners says. “Most of the time we would drive to a place and have to wait for the light to be good, golden hour etc. One of the places we went to was White Sands and we spent some hours sitting in a sand dune in the shade waiting for the light to change. The sand is pure white gypsum, so it reflects the sun to such a degree that it’s completely blinding. The good thing is that the sun shines time to set so you have about 30 mins of nice light we only had one problem all the sand dunes look very similar there really are no landmarks so as it was dark we s got completely lost on the way back to the car, it was a bit scary but we got there.. the mood of the song perfectly.


Andrew Bird shared his first single of the year, “Atmoized”, which was inspired by something Joan Didion wrote in 1967 that she “dealt directly and emphatically with the proof of atomization, the proof things fall apart”. “Didion was updating WB Yeats for the choppy 60s,” Bird says. “This song takes him into the pixelated present where it’s not just society that’s atomized, but the self that’s shattered and shattered.”


The first single from Arcade Fire’s new album WE is “The Lightning, I, II”, an expansive two-parter that develops from a synth, swinging ballad – with a piano hook that evokes Sondheim’s “Somewhere” from West Side Story — in a catchy rock song. The video, directed by Emily Kai Bock, plays up the title and puts the band in the eye of the storm.


The Smile – aka Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner – have shared their third single and Radiohead fans may know this one as a song that’s been making the rounds on live setlists since the late 2000s. its official debut.


“‘Compliance’ is about submitting to authoritarian rules and reassuring untruths in order to be accepted by a band,” Bellamy says of the band’s new single. “Gangs, governments, demagogues, social media algorithms and religions seduce us in times of vulnerability, creating arbitrary rules and distorted ideas that we must abide by. They sell us comforting myths, telling us that only they can explain reality while simultaneously diminishing our freedom, autonomy, and independence of thought.We are not just coerced, we are penned in, scared, and rounded up to produce “2 Minutes of Hate” daily against a group outside of their choice and to close our eyes to our own internal voice of reason and compassion. They just need our conformity. Muse’s new album, Will of the People, will be released in August.


Ethel Cain has announced her first full album, preacher’s daughterand shared the first single, which you can read more about here.


The debut EP from British experimental metal band Heriot deep morality arrives in April, and here is the dark and muddy title track. Learn more here.


Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap and James Graham of The Twilight Sad have formed a new superduo, Gentle Sinners, and they will release their debut album These actions cannot be undone on 5/13 via Rock Action. Read more about the new single “Face to Fire (After Nyman)” here.


HEALTH shared “Still Breathing”, their collaboration with EKKSTACY from their upcoming collaborations album DISCO4 :: PART II. Read more about it here and pre-order the album on translucent red vinyl limited to 500 with opaque gold marble vinyl.


French psychedelic black metal veterans Blut Aus Nord have announced a new album, Disharmonium – Unimaginable Chasmsand you can read more about the first single “That Cannot Be Dreamed” here.


700 Bliss, the collaborative project of Moor Mother and DJ Haram, has announced its debut album, and you can read more about the lead single “Totally Spies” here.

Looking for even more new songs? Browse the archive of new songs.

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FIRST SIGNAL Featuring Former HAREM SCAREM Vocalist HARRY HESS Releases “Show Me The Way” Lyric Video Thu, 17 Mar 2022 04:24:43 +0000

First cuea musical union between canadian singer Harry Hesse (Harem Scarem) and Swedish drummer/producer Daniel Flores (The murder of my sweet, Find me), recently announced the upcoming release of their new album, “Closer to the Edge” on April 8, 2022. The new disc, their fourth overall, offers another outstanding collection of songs that continues the fine tradition they have now established over the course of their discography.

Watch the lyric video for the album’s second single below. “Show me the way”

Pre-Order/Save “Closer to the Edge” on CD/Digital HERE.

Hesse is, as always, on fire here and it’s another outstanding production job by Flores. As with previous releases, this will be another must-have for fans of the AOR/Melodic Rock genre as, in 2022, it doesn’t get any better than this. Pete Alpenborg (arctic rain), Guillermo Del Medio (inner flow), Alessandro Del Vecchio, Kristian Fyr (Seventh Crystal), Hermann Noriand others have brought their songwriting talents to this latest installment with spectacular results. “Closer to the Edge” is once again a total delight for AOR and melodic rock fans and an easy contender for AOR Album of the Year.

Launched in 2010, First cue began as a musical partnership between singer Harry Hesse (Harem Scarem) and German producer Denis Ward (Cream Pink 69, Khymera). The seeds of this union were sown the same year when the president of Frontiers and head of A&RSerafino Perugino present Hesse some melodic rock songs that had the same vibe and magic as Harem Scarem, which, at the time, were on hiatus. The self-titled debut album was met with excellent reviews from melodic rock devotees, so even when Harem Scarem rebooted to record a great comeback album, “Thirteen”, Hesse was always eager to record other excellent melodic rock songs which he had collected from various songwriters under the First cue banner.

Thus, the idea of ​​another First cue the album continued to float and with the help of Swedish producer/drummer Daniel Flores now intervene to districtthe second recording, “One Step Over the Line” (2016), began to take shape. Again, the inspiration behind the songs was the first two Harem Scarem albums, two absolute classics of melodic rock, but, as with the debut, new twists have been added to the mix with songs covering everything from AOR to arena hard rock. The album was also received with great enthusiasm by Melodic Rock/AOR fans, especially in Europe. With this kind of reception, the recording of a third album, “Line of Fire” (2019), was obvious. With songs provided by Stan Meissner, Harry Hesse, Henrik Hedstrom, Lars Edvall, Anderz Wrethov, Andreas Johansson, Carl Dixon, Bruce Turgon, Soren Kronqvist, Morgan Jensen, Hal Marabel, Daniel Palmqvist, Ulrick Lönnqvist, Nigel Baileyand production tasks again handled by Daniel Flores, “Line of Fire” was another impressive slab of great AOR/melodic rock for the 21st century.

And now, in 2022, the band is carrying on the traditions they established with their three previous releases on the fourth entry in their catalog, “Closer to the edge”.

“Closer to the Edge” List of tracks:

  1. Don’t let it end
  2. I don’t wanna feel the night is over
  3. show me the way
  4. Don’t look away
  5. Irreplaceable
  6. Once again
  7. Closer to the edge
  8. Angel with a rose
  9. Mystery
  10. The one who hurts
  11. Must believe


  • Harry Hesse / Voice
  • Daniel Flores / Drums
  • Andi Kravljaca / Guitars
  • Jonny Trobro / Bass

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FIRST SIGNAL With Ex-Harem Scarem Vocalist HARRY HESS Releases “Show Me The Way” Lyric Video Wed, 16 Mar 2022 17:03:45 +0000

First Signal, a musical union between Canadian singer Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) and Swedish drummer/producer Daniel Flores (The Murder Of My Sweet, Find Me), recently announced the upcoming release of their new album, Closer To The Edge. , in April 8.

The new record, their fourth overall, offers another outstanding collection of songs that continues the fine tradition they have now established over the course of their discography.

Watch a lyric video for the song “Show Me The Way” below, and pre-order/record Closer To The Edge on CD/digital here.

Hess is, as always, on fire here and it’s another outstanding production job from Flores. As with previous releases, this will be another must-have for fans of the AOR/melodic rock genre as, in 2022, it doesn’t get any better than this. Pete Alpenborg (Arctic Rain), Guillermo Del Medio (Inner Stream), Alessandro Del Vecchio, Kristian Fyhr (Seventh Crystal), Herman Nori and others have brought their songwriting talents to this latest installment with spectacular results. “Closer to the Edge” is once again a total delight for AOR and melodic rock fans and an easy candidate for AOR Album of the Year.

Launched in 2010, First Signal began as a musical partnership between singer Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) and German producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Khymera). The seeds of this union were planted the same year when Frontiers president and head of A&R Serafino Perugino introduced Hess to melodic rock songs that had the same vibe and magic as Harem Scarem, who, at the time, was on hiatus. The self-titled debut album was met with excellent reviews from the melodic rock faithful, so even when Harem Scarem rebooted to record an excellent comeback album, Thirteen, Hess was still eager to record more excellent songs. of melodic rock that he had collected from various songwriters under the First Signal banner.

So the idea for another First Signal album kept floating around and with the help of Swedish producer/drummer Daniel Flores who now steps in for Ward, the second album, One Step Over The Line (2016), began. to take shape. Once again, the inspiration behind the songs was Harem Scarem’s first two albums, two absolute classics of melodic rock, but, as with the debut, new twists have been added with the songs covering everything from AOR to Hard Rock Arena. The album was also received with great enthusiasm by Melodic Rock/AOR fans, especially in Europe. With that kind of reception, recording a third album, Line Of Fire (2019), was a no-brainer. With songs provided by Stan Meissner, Harry Hess, Henrik Hedström, Lars Edvall, Anderz Wrethov, Andreas Johansson, Carl Dixon, Bruce Turgon, Sören Kronqvist, Morgan Jensen, Hal Marabel, Daniel Palmqvist, Ulrick Lönnqvist, Nigel Bailey and tasks by production handled once again by Daniel Flores, “Line of Fire” was another impressive slice of great AOR/melodic rock for the 21st century.

And now, in 2022, the band is continuing the traditions they established with their three previous releases on their catalog’s fourth entry, Closer To The Edge.

Track list:

“Don’t Let It End”
“I don’t want to feel that the night is over”
“Show me the way”
“Don’t Look Away”
“Once again”
“Closer to the Edge”
“Angel with a Rose”
“He Who Hurts”
“I must believe”

Lyrical video “Show me the way”:

Video “Don’t Let It End”:

Line up:

Harry Hess – Vocals
Daniel Flores – Drums
Andi Kravljaca – Guitars
Jonny Trobro – Bass

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SABATON singer JOAKIM BRODÉN featured in a new interview with professional opera singer/vocal coach ELIZABETH ZHAROFF (Video) Sat, 05 Mar 2022 07:21:14 +0000

Sabaton frontman Joakin Brodén is featured in a new interview by professional opera singer and vocal coach Elizabeth Zharoff, who also hosts a YouTube channel, The Charismatic Voice.

Elizabeth: “From Hammond organ to keyboards and guitars to vocals, Joakim has seen and done almost everything (except drums and violin). His journey has been extremely insightful, and I’ll flag anyone who cares to the story, or Sabaton, or Sabaton’s story to stay tuned!”

Sabaton’s tenth album, The War To End All Wars, is available now via Nuclear Blast Records. The new masterpiece of the Swedish metal force is determined to shake the world to its foundations, ushering in a new era in the band’s remarkable career.

The band says: “With our latest album, The Great War, we found that we had only scratched the surface in terms of the powerful stories of courage and bravery and also the horrors that took place during the first war. Fans would contact us and tell us those incredible stories from World War I that none of us had ever heard of before Incredible, human stories like the British and German soldiers who laid down their arms the day before Christmas in 1914 to share a moment of peace and reconciliation, right there on the battlefield or the brave soldiers who fought in the White War, some 12,000 feet up in the Alps , who froze to death and whose bodies remain under the snow to this day.These are wonderful stories about ordinary people who were willing to lay down their lives for something greater than themselves. r these true stories to loud, bruising and throbbing heavy metal? Adding a second chapter to one of the most chilling and liberating periods in history? Why don’t we make this album?”

To celebrate the release, Sabaton released a video for their fourth single, “Race To The Sea”. ‘Race To The Sea’ is a song about Albert of Belgium’s decision during World War I to flood the last part of Belgium and, with the help of the water, to prevent all of Belgium from falling in the hands of the Germans.

Order the album here.

The War To End All Wars track list:

“The Invincible Soldier”
“Sky Soldier”
“Hell’s Fighters”
“Race to the Sea”
“Lady of Darkness”
“The Valley of Death”
“Christmas Truce”

Video “The Invincible Soldier”:

“The Unkillable Soldier” lyric video:

“Soldier Of Heaven” Lyric Video:

Video “Sky Soldier”:

Video of the animated story “Christmas Truce”:

“Christmas Truce” Lyric Video:

Clip “Christmas Trick”:

After a 29-date Swedish tour, Sabaton marks the release of their new album with The Tour To End All Tours, a massive five-week European trek backed by The Hu and Lordi. Full dates and ticket information are available here.

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Pusha T, Pete Doherty, RHCP, Tinashe, Popcaan, etc. Fri, 04 Mar 2022 23:44:56 +0000

So many artists, so little time. Every week, we review a handful of new albums (from all genres), round up even more new music that we’d call “indie” and talk about what’s coming out of metal. We post music news, track premieres and more all day. We update a weekly playlist of some of our current favorite tracks. Here is a daily summary with a bunch of interesting and recently released songs in one place.


Libertines co-founder Pete Doherty and collaborator Frédéric Lo will release a new album The fantastic life of poetry and crime on March 18 and it’s the new sweeping single. “The epidemiologist” is swimming in the ropes. Beautiful song.


Nigo shared his Pusha T “Hear Me Clearly” collaboration from his upcoming album I Know Nigo which also features A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi and more. The track was produced by Kanye West along with ThaMyind, Luca Starz and BoogzDaBeast


“It’s one of the best, purest, most realistic tracks I’ve ever created and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with the world,” Joey Bada$$ said of his new single “Head High”, produced by Statik. Selektah. “This one is for Nip, X, Pop and every young black man whose life was taken way too soon. This is for anyone who has to navigate everyday life with their head on a swivel.”


London indiepop artist Simon Love will release a new album Love sex and death etc. April 8 via Tapete. “Outside of COVID-19 and all the dying and washing hands, it was surprisingly the easiest album I think I’ve ever done,” Simon says. “We were laser focused when it came to making these songs and it shows.” Check out the rather charming first single.


After announcing a spring North American tour, South Korean quartet Say Sue Me have officially announced their third album, The last thing left, which will be released on May 13 via Damnably. They also shared a new single, the dynamic indie pop track “George & Janice”.


Madi Diaz’s new EP Same story, new feelingscompanion to his excellent 2021 album Story of a feelingwas released today, including this gorgeous new collaborative version of “Forever,” featuring Angel Olsen and Madi as a duo.


Say what you will about the Chili Peppers’ smooth, grooving new song – which sounds a bit like the 1974 Reunion novelty hit “Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)” – the animated video hand drawn for “Poster Child” is pretty cool. New album Unlimited lovetheir first with John Frusciante in ages, comes out April 1st.


Tinashe just released the deluxe edition of last year’s great album 333including an impressive collaboration with Channel Tres which finds both artists producing house-tinged R&B.


For Bandcamp Friday, Ted Leo released the Andy, get outwhich includes two remixed rarities from the past few years and a cool solo cover of Stereolab’s single “Ping Pong”.


Ian Noe’s new album Mad of the rivers and saints of the mountains comes out in a few weeks and here’s another understated and charming track.


Houston rapper Paul Wall is back with an old-school ode to driving slow and being seen. The great Pete Rock produces. Their collaborative album, Start 2 Endout April 8


Jamaican dancehall great Popcaan has released the first single from his new album Big is it, which will also feature in Drake’s Nike x NOCTA shoe launch campaign. “This song is about how I felt after ordering myself a Skeleton Cartier watch for my birthday,” he says. “It was possible because I worked. The goal is always to be richer – in more ways than one!”


A Boogie teams up with B-Lovee again for this new track which features a video inspired by Guy Ritchie’s film To tear out.


Brush (ex-Chumped/Adult Dude) releases his first LP, Cabezaon April 8, and they shared the first single, a delicious and bubbly ode to our furry friends of feline persuasion.


Flying Raccoon Suit released Afterglow, which we named one of the best punk albums of the year, in 2021, and they followed it up with a new EP for Bandcamp Friday. “This EP includes some reimaginings of our songs,” they wrote. “For the past two years, where we haven’t played live as much, we’ve performed some of these versions in live streams, acoustically, as guitars backed by drum machines and posted on social media, and in all sorts of different ways. Check our previous albums to hear the original versions, but these are electronic, folk, and other reworkings that we’ve had fun playing and working with over the past few years.”


Swedish metal veterans Meshuggah release their first album since 2016, Immutablenext month via Atomic Fire Records (pre-order on orange/red opaque vinyl), and they’ve shared the second single, the relentlessly heavy “Light the Shortening Fuse.”


Ramesh is quite far from the jangly sound of his old band Voxtrot on his glitchy new single “Valentine” which has him screaming through the chorus. “The song is a stream-of-consciousness meditation on my many experiences in gay clubs – and in clubs in general – balancing the impulses of hedonism and the desire for deeper connection,” Ramesh said. His new album eternal spring comes out next week.


Californian shoegazers Cold Gawd have signed to Dais Record and have just released their first song with the label. The band says “Moving to California in March” is “about the feeling of anxiety that is doing – what you think you are – the most important next step in your life.”


Painted Shield is the supergroup of Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, former Pearl Jam drummer (and prolific session musician) Matt Chamberlain, singer/songwriter Mason Jennings and soul/blues singer Brittany Davis, and their new album Painted Shield 2 will be released on April 22 via Loosgroove Records (the label co-manages Stone Gossard). The new single is the soaring, bluesy ballad “Life In Rewind”.


SAVAK has shared two more songs from their upcoming album Human Error / Human Delight. They say, “There’s definitely a zabuton cushion for you in our chabudai if you’re the type to like a little Murmur in your Missing chairs.” Chances are, if you know what it means, you’ll like it too.


Texas metalcore band Kublai Khan TX have a new EP, lowest animal form, en route, and the last single is “Loyal to None”. “‘Loyal to None’ isn’t loyal to anyone,” said the band’s Matthew Honeycutt. “When trust comes with tragedy and loyalty comes with heavy loss. We are once again crafting our interpretation of Texas chaos. To those who remain loyal, travel the world. To those who are not, die a thousand deaths.”


Rising Atlanta rapper Bktherula has released two new tracks, “Keep Da K” and “Coupe.” “These songs are memories of being young and carefree,” she said. REVOLT. “I wanted the visuals to be really raw and vulnerable and reminiscent of being a kid.”


Long Beach rapper Joey Fatts has announced a new album, QUICCSANDscheduled for March 18. It features songs featuring Blxst and Allyn, the latter singing the hovering hook on the new single “Bright Lights”.


“‘Happy Birthday In The Sky’ for me is one of the most heartbreaking moments on the album,” says Placebo’s Brian Molko. “Happy birthday in heaven is a phrase I’ve been using for a while. When I say happy birthday to people who are no longer with us, it communicates the kind of grief that we’re really, really good at communicating, I think. You know that feeling of loss, that feeling of despair. It’s like a part of your body and soul has been unjustly ripped from you. And you pin and pin and wait. The new album by Placebo Never let Me Go releases March 25.


British shoegaze band bdrmm release the Harbor EP featuring six remixes of the title track by Daniel Avery, Working Men’s Club, WH Lung, “It’s a pure brute force attack on the senses,” says bdrmm vocalist and guitarist Ryan Smith of the remix of A Place to Bury Strangers . “I would have expected nothing less from these guys. It sounds amazing.


Kurt’s new album, (watch my moves)is out April 15th via Verve Records and is the pleasantly wandering second single.


“Of No Fixed Identity” was SFA’s very first recording, dating back to when actor Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill, Spiderman: No Way Home) was the band’s lead singer. The band says other lost songs from their archives are being excavated.


Mick Trouble, the very British-sounding post-punk singer-songwriter, who may or may not be Jed Smith of My Teenage Stride and Jeanines in New York, is back with his second record. This is Mick Trouble’s second album. is loaded with even more wonderful earworm janglepop in the tradition of TV Personalities/Swell Maps/Jilted John.


Japanese punk bands Otoboke Beaver’s new album “Super Champon” will be released on May 6. It’s the first single.


Belgian post-metalheads AMENRA have shared a cover of Portishead’s classic “Roads” for Bandcamp Friday. It’s a delicate, stripped-down acoustic rendition – just guitar and vocals.


The new single “Driponomics” from genre-defying Philadelphia hardcore band Soul Glo is a straightforward rap song, which you can read more about here. This is from their long awaited new album Diaspora issues (pre-order on limited edition blue and red splatter vinyl).


The latest single from hyperska artist Eichlers’ new album My checkered future (pre-order on limited-edition electric blue vinyl) is the loud-voiced “99 Resolutionz,” featuring Tape Girl.

Looking for even more new songs? Browse the archive of new songs.

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Madonna/Fireboy DML, ODESZA, Big Thief’s James, more Thu, 03 Mar 2022 22:42:43 +0000

So many artists, so little time. Every week, we review a handful of new albums (from all genres), round up even more new music that we’d call “indie” and talk about what’s coming out of metal. We post music news, track premieres and more all day. We update a weekly playlist of some of our current favorite tracks. Here is a daily summary with a bunch of interesting and recently released songs in one place.


Big Thief drummer James Krivchenia to release new album blood karaoke April 15 via Reading Group. If you’re expecting folk-rock, this isn’t it. “Emissaries of Creation” mixes techno, metal and more. Very cool, however.


Madonna has teamed up with Canadian producer Sickick and Nigerian singer Fireboy DML for a new remix of 1998’s “Frozen” Ray of light. The new version makes it a modern downtempo R&B song, and Fireboy DML’s new verse gives it an Afro-pop twist.


Sludge Metal Band Thou Teamed Up With Gewgawly I To Score New Video Game norco (due March 24), and the first single is a new song by Thou called “Goo in the Burning City” which has been remixed by Geography Of Robots’ Gewgawly I and fmAura. If you’ve ever wondered how an electronic remix of Thou would sound, the answer is: pretty cool!


After releasing one of the best albums of 2021 with We’re all alone togetherBritish rapper Dave has released a soulful new single, “Starlight.”


UK-based Swiss Tamil singer, songwriter and producer Priya Ragu has a new single, “Illuminous”, which she wrote and her brother and collaborator Japhana Gold produced. “I believe we are all beings of light,” Priya says. “It’s a journey that begins before we enter this world and continues while we have this human experience, then continues after we leave this earth. I also believe that we all have this truly unique gift that could bring back to ourselves.. Once you find that, the light within you shines so bright that you become invincible. That’s how I feel at this point in my life and with this song I want to encourage others to find that one thing. Other than that, it’s also a hit song, so you know what you have to do!”


Australian-born, London-based electronic musician (and Turnstile collaborator) Mall Grab plans to release his debut album this year, and while most details are yet to be determined, he has just released this new single. “This track is a tribute to the music of my adopted hometown of London,” he said. “I wrote this song in December 2021 just as the shows and clubs were coming back and I could finally see everyone (myself included) losing their shit to the music again. Loud, chaotic and euphoric. “


Following the recent single “Your Love”, alternative pop artist from Brisbane, Australia, Mallrat announced his debut album, Blue Butterfly, which will be released on May 13 via Nettwerk. She also shared a new single, “Teeth.” “I like to think if ‘Teeth’ had come out in 2004 it would be on the OC soundtrack,” Mallrat said. “In the song, I’m describing a big, pervasive ‘it.’ see if I could blur all of these things into a fuzzy ball of energy.


Following their comeback with Bettye LaVette’s single “The Last Goodbye” last month, Seattle duo ODESZA have released another new song, and it’s a super catchy electronic pop song that features Portuguese singer MARO.


British electronic musician Tourist has announced a new album, Upside downand your first taste is the crackling and house “Your Love”.


Deer Scout’s debut album, Woodpecker, due out April 8 via Carpark, and the latest single is “Peace With the Damage”, a spare folk track with beautiful harmonies. “‘Peace With The Damage’ is a song by my dad, Mark Miller, originally recorded by my parents’ band, Spuyten Duyvil,” Deer Scout said. “My dad is one of my favorite songwriters and it’s a song I’ve always wanted to record even though it’s a bit of an outlier on the album. It’s a retrospective song about the past and regret We recorded it as a duet with me singing both parts, 4 years apart, so it feels like a conversation between a past and present me My dad played guitar and was generous enough to entrust me with this .


by Karen Dalton At my pace receives a new 50th anniversary edition via Light in the Attic and ahead of its release they shared this recording of “One Night Of Love” recorded live at the Beat Club, Germany on April 21, 1971.


Foxygen’s Sam France releases Hoarse Galorēs, a “mostly acoustic album that lives in a Tolkienian Middle-earth where Mickey Mouse jumps rope with Jesus Christ and Bob Dylan”. This is the first release of Sam France’s “Lost Albums” series.


“Loraine James is one of my favorite artists,” Cadence Weapon’s Rollie Pemberton says of this new remix, “so I was thrilled when she said she was willing to do a remix for me. She’s one of the UK’s most innovative electronic musicians, Loraine’s rendition of ‘On Me’ brings out the warped paranoia of targeted surveillance in a more trippy way than on the original.


Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul release their first album topical dancer Friday and they just shared one of the highlights, a Talking Heads-inspired track.


Groove Armada has remixed the late U-Roy’s collab with Shaggy, “Rule the Nation,” from last year’s posthumous U-Roy in solid gold. “We wanted to take the carnival spirit of Shaggy and U-Roy and rework it for that 3 a.m. slot by the subwoofer,” says Groove Armada. “Until the last minute there was a lot more going on. But in the end, as always, less was more. Kick, hat, clap, bass, 2 MCs and live action to console tape. To quote Pete Tong, “Turn it up”.


Connecticut hardcore band Dominion 18 (members of Laid 2 Rest, Out For Justice, Cast In Blood, and more) just re-released their 2020 demo on the DAZE label, and it comes with the bonus track “Choose Your Side,” a kickass dose of metallic hardcore.


Lucius’ new album second nature comes out next month, and the latest single is “Heartbursts”, a dose of bubbly, disco-infused pop.


SUAHN (Pianos’ electronic project Become the Teeth guitarist Mike York) teamed up with Ethan Glass for this murky, distorted, bass-heavy jam.


As mentioned, Georgian progressive black metal duo Tómarúm release Ashes in the realms of stone icons in May via Prosthetic. Here’s new single “Where No Warmth Is Found”, a scorching nearly nine-minute long that draws an exciting line between prog and black metal, and it sounds like there’s a bit of Swedish melody in those riffs too.


Ska Duo Holy Schnikes! just announced a cover compilation, Born under power lines, due March 5 via Ska Punk International Records. The first single is a cover of OMC’s 1995 dance-pop single “How Bizarre” featuring Common Sense Kid on vocals and Backyard Superheroes’ Bex on horns and backing vocals. Turns out “How Bizarre” works great as a ska song.


Kevin Morby says the title track from his seventh album is about “the battle that every family faces, of running after the clock, living our lives and sticking together for as long as possible. That, and the dreams that come with being a young family in America and where those dreams eventually come to an end.”


Neneh Cherry asked Robyn to cover her classic 1988 hit “Buffalo Stance”, whose production by Dev Hynes and Mapei took over the song’s rap. This is the first look at a collaborative album that Cherry and Robyn are working on.


Jack White shared “Hi-De-Ho”, a collaboration with Q-Tip, from his upcoming album fear of dawn (released in April). For the most part, Jack stays away from this one and lets Q-Tip do its thing. He also shared “Queen of the Bees” from other album he just released, Enter alive in paradise (out in July).


Night Sins (Nothing drummer Kyle Kimball’s gothic solo project) has announced a new album, purple ageand you can read more about the title track here.


Hard-to-identify NYC band Ultra Deluxe have announced a new album and lead single “Dreams of Him” ​​runs through dance-punk, post-hardcore, chiptune and orchestral chamber pop tracks. Learn more here.


Australian shouto band Blind Girls have announced a new album, The weight of everythingand you can read more about the new single “Wish” here.


Bruce Lee Band (Mike Park, Jeff Rosenstock, etc.) has announced a new album and shared a song featuring Fishbone’s Angelo Moore on sax, We Are the Union/Skatune Network’s Jeremy Hunter on trombone, and more. Learn more here.


Emma Ruth Rundle has announced a new EP, Orpheus looking backwith three unreleased songs from the sessions of the great engine from hell. Learn more about the first single “Pump Organ Song” here.

Looking for even more new songs? Browse the archive of new songs.

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Watch former ABBA backing vocalist Bjorn Ulvaeus Roast on video Mon, 28 Feb 2022 14:06:35 +0000

ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus re-recorded one of the band’s classic songs and accompanied it with a lighthearted video as a roast for fellow Swedish musician Tomas Ledin.

The roast was performed live at Ledin’s celebration concert at Stockholm’s Avicii Arena on February 25, which marked his 70th birthday. Ledin was one of ABBA’s backing vocals in the 70s and toured with the band before finding success on his own. He is married to the daughter of a former band manager.

The video features Ulvaeus singing “Hey Grand Ol’ Man”, an English revision of ABBA’s first-ever hit, “Hej Gamle Man”. He was seen dressed in campaign gear as he drove a truck, strolled through a train station, line-dancing and thrashed about with his boots as he told Ledin: ‘Now is the time for you to learn that girls don’t see old men / And once you become invisible, you’ll never be seen again.

You can watch the “Hey Big Ol’ Man” music video below.

ABBA will launch a virtual concert experience in a custom-built venue in London in May. After the release of the new album Travel last year, the band’s Benny Andersson said no more music would follow.

“That’s it,” he insisted. “It must be, you know.” He said the decision had nothing to do with the strife that plagued the members in the 80s. “We saw each other over the years, we met for this and that. We are friends.”

But Anni-Frid Lyngstad later suggested it wasn’t over. “I learned to never say never,” she noted. “This year we probably said it had to be the last thing we do because… [we’re] thinking about our ages, you know. We are no longer young, but I say you never know. So don’t be too sure.

20 Best Albums of 2021 (So Far)

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Winning The Masked Singer gave me confidence, says Natalie Imbruglia Mon, 14 Feb 2022 21:48:00 +0000

ELLE is the music star of the 90s who went from the top of the charts to the bottom.

But now Natalie Imbruglia is ready to play the fame game again after resurfacing the spotlight when she was unmasked as Panda – winner of The Masked Singer over the weekend.


Natalie Imbruglia is ready to play the game of stardom again
She was unmasked as Panda in The Masked Singer last weekend


She was unmasked as Panda in The Masked Singer last weekend

Next on the agenda is a new album and a UK tour, after years of songwriter blocking.

So, does it all come down to a cute, furry panda costume?

Natalie, 47, said: “Timing is everything. I felt really good and I’m a mom. I think the idea of ​​dressing up is more appealing when you’re a mom.

“I changed, so that was probably a big motivator. Back then, you worried about what people would think, and I don’t care now. I think it’s age and wisdom, isn’t it?

“You’re just a little exhausted worrying about it, being in the public eye. But it’s nice to be somewhere where you can put on a show like this and enjoy the fun and not take yourself too seriously.

At 17, Aussie Natalie achieved great success when she joined the cast of Neighbors, then two years later quit to pursue a music career.

She impressed record labels with her demo of the song Torn, and in 1997 it became her debut single, selling over 4 million copies worldwide.

She went on to sell 10 million albums, had five UK top ten and ten top 40 singles, three top ten albums, plus two Brit Awards and three Grammy nominations.


Natalie was a pop star.

But trouble started when his label rejected his third album as too rock for radio play, then told him to record new songs with Swedish producers Bloodshy & Avant before leaving the label.

This third album, Counting Down The Days, was finally released on another label in 2005. But then she was forced to release a compilation of her ten years of music and left the second label.

Despite collaborating with Coldplay’s Chris Martin on his fourth studio album, Come To Life in 2009, it bombed in Australia and its UK and US release was cancelled.

It was then that Natalie disappeared from the public eye.

Natalie said: “I think I wasn’t having the best time of my career and I think I felt like I wasn’t good at something.

“That’s my confidence – no matter what field you work in, I don’t think success means you’ll never be insecure.

“So I just went through a period where I was like, ‘I can’t do this. I’m not good at it.” And it went on too long.”

In 2015, Natalie released Male, an album of covers of songs by male artists. But it took three years before she felt capable of recording her own music again.

She said: “It wasn’t until I went to Nashville and took a writing trip that I got over that. [insecurity] because I just thought, ‘Throw me in the deep end, give me 10 days and two sessions a day’.

“And I wrote this song called When You Love Too Much, and I was like, ‘I’m really proud of it. It’s a really good song.

“And then it was great because regaining your confidence, when you didn’t have it, is the greatest gift.

“It’s nice to have that feeling and to have a really creative shine.”

The song is at the heart of Natalie’s album Firebird, which was released in September last year but has been revamped following her success on The Masked Singer.

Along with rekindling her interest in songwriting, Natalie also fulfilled her dream of becoming a mother.

She had divorced Australian rocker Daniel Johns in 2008, but in October 2019 she surprised fans by revealing she was expecting her first child via a sperm donor.

Max Valentine is now two years old and Natalie has dedicated her time on The Masked Singer to her toddler.

That’s my confidence – no matter what field you work in, I don’t think success means you’ll never be insecure. So I went through a period where I was like, ‘I can’t do this. I’m not good at it.” And it took too long.

She said: “He has a little panda when he goes to bed at night, so I suggested we wear the panda outfit. I asked, ‘Would it be okay if I could be a panda?’

“He loves it, the only problem now is that every time he sees a panda he says, ‘Mom, mum!’

“I suddenly realized I had to be very careful because we were at the airport and someone had a little girl who had a wheelie bag with a panda on it and she was like, ‘Mommy, mommy!’ like that – he loves it.

“I was like, ‘Shhhh!'”

Natalie’s costume was jam-packed with clues to her identity, but the show’s judges – Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross – suspected Panda was Amanda Holden, Billie Piper or Lisa Stansfield.

Natalie said: “100% I actually saw it as an acting job. “I stayed in an American accent from the moment I got in the car to the studio. I simply loved it.

“With the whole costume element, I realized things didn’t read very well. So, for example, when Panda had his arms down, he looked bored.

“So I was like, ‘Oh my god, I gotta keep moving my arms.’ So you’re trying to sing along and make Panda look funny.

“It was like becoming a sort of puppeteer. I really enjoyed the challenge.

When Natalie was announced as the winner, not everyone was so happy and took to social media to mark her victory as a solution.

They were angry that studio audiences ranked Panda above Mushroom, Charlotte Church, and Robobunny, Westlife’s Mark Feehily.

But Natalie said: “I think it’s wonderful that people are so invested in the person they’re a fan or follow, that they feel so strongly about it.

“But my experience on the show has been such amazing camaraderie.

“It’s a fun family show. I don’t think he should be seriously competitive that way.

“And I hope the bottom line is that people really enjoyed the fun that we all had on the show. Everybody’s a winner.

Fans were also surprised to see Davina’s overreaction to seeing her friend revealed as Panda during the ITV show’s finale.

Natalie explained that the two had been friends for a long time.

She said: “Davina DMed me afterwards, saying, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe this.

“And we have this back and forth conversation. She said, “I don’t think you understood that you just won an eight week competition”, and it’s true, I didn’t expect to win.

“I was convinced that Mushroom had won it, so I was just as dumbfounded.

“But yeah, she was really funny and she was talking about the host [Joel Dommett] because he was freaked out enough that I hugged him all week.

“So that was pretty funny.”

Natalie’s win comes days after news broke of the cancellation of Neighbours, the soap opera that made her famous as a teenager.

Her character, Beth Brennan, is one of the Channel 5 show’s most legendary characters.

Natalie moaned, “I’m really sad! I think we all love Neighbors, growing up with it.

“And I think it should go on forever. I mean, it’s just a parody.

“So wherever the petition to save Neighbors is, I’ll sign it, I’m on board.

“So wherever the petition to save Neighbors is, I’ll sign it, I’m on board. I have a son on the show – Beth Brennan’s son is on the show. So I’m rooting for him to stay at the antenna.

Rumor has it that fellow legends Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan could return for one final episode. So, would Natalie consider joining them on Ramsay Street?

“I would think about it, yeah. Like I said, have more fun, take life less seriously.

“I would consider going back. I think it would be nice to walk through those doors.

“I mean, I probably won’t recognize anyone – not even my son.”

  • Natalie has a new album, Firebird, and a single called Nothing Missing Out Now.

Nat’s Facts

1975: Natalie was born in Sydney, the second of four daughters to an Italian father and a mother of Irish, Scottish and English descent.

1992: Debuted on Neighbors as Beth Brennan, left two years later.

1997 : The first single Torn was released, reaching number two here and the album Left Of The Middle followed, selling seven million copies.

2001: The second album White Lilies Island limps to a million sales.

2003: The label reportedly rejected his third album. She plays Rowan Atkinson’s love interest for Johnny English.

2005: Release of the album Counting Down The Days, which sold just over 200,000 copies. But the first single Shiver became the most played song on the radio of the year.

2007: Release of the album Best Of.

2009: The fifth album Come To Life fails in Oz and is canceled in the United Kingdom and the United States.

2021: Firebird album release.

2022: Win the Masked Singer.

She's ready to rock with a new album and a UK tour


She’s ready to rock with a new album and a UK tour
Natalie Imbrugila was a superstar


Natalie Imbrugila was a superstar
The trouble started when his third album was rejected by his label as too rock


The trouble started when his third album was rejected by his label as too rock
In 2015, Natalie released an album where she covered songs from male artists, called Male


In 2015, Natalie released an album where she covered songs from male artists, called Male
But it wasn't until 2018 that she felt able to record her own music again.


But it wasn’t until 2018 that she felt able to record her own music again.
Natalie's album Firebird has been revamped following her success on The Masked Singer


Natalie’s album Firebird has been revamped following her success on The Masked Singer
Masked Singer Champion Reveals Her 2-Year-Old Son Almost Exposed Her As Panda And She Used American Accent Backstage
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Ghost’s Tobias Forge: ‘I always try to write songs I’ve never written before’ Sat, 12 Feb 2022 19:37:46 +0000

Swedish occult rockers PHANTOM will release their fifth album, “Impera”March 11 through Loma Vista/Concorde. The leader of the group, Tobie Forgeworked on sequel 2018s “Prequel” with the producer Klas Åhlund and Swedish co-authors Salem Al-Fakir and Vincent Pontarewhose credits include Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Forge discussed the “Impera” songwriting process in a new interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He said: “When you’re writing, you just want to make a really good record, drenched in as many hooks as possible. The only problem with trying to make records for me, besides capacity, is trying to don’t repeat myself. I’m always trying to write songs that I’ve never written before. I’m always trying to add songs to our repertoire that we don’t already have and, lyrically, I Also try not to use rhymes that have been done in the past. Probably the hardest part because you kind of run out of rhymes and words and phrases and therefore you really have to hone in. Sometimes , it comes out really well and sometimes I can look back on the lyrics and I’m like “yecch”.

Asked how the collaboration with Salem and vincent play in it, Forge said: “They’re good friends of mine and we’ve written a lot together. If we set a date to work and spend a few days in the studio, we always come out with something that sounds rockin’. Usually, I come up with some ideas to work with and then we go from there. As they are very professional and they work together and also with a lot of different artists, they will always give me a bit of an outside perspective. But they have another objective in relation to to what I’m doing. Where sometimes I would dismiss an idea of ​​mine, just because I thought it was predictable, they can turn around and say, ‘We should do this, this is how the song should be, because it looks so much like PHANTOM.’ ‘Oh okay.’ If I was alone in the room, I might not have thought that.”

PHANTOM kicked off their headlining tour with VOLBEAT on January 25 at the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada. During his 16-song set, PHANTOM performed the recently released single “Hunter’s Moon”a blanket of METALLICit is “Enter Sandman” and launched another song from “Impera”called “Kaiserion”.

PHANTOMThe 26-date US tour co-headlining with VOLBEAT and special guests TWIN TEMPLE will end on March 3 in Anaheim, California.

In March 2020, during the final show of PHANTOMit is “Prequel” tour in Mexico City, Mexico, the band was officially introduced Papa Emeritus IVthe new character who will be at the forefront of his next phase LP.

Forge run as a “new” Dad Emeritus on each of the band’s first three albums, with each version of Dad replacing the one that preceded it. Papa Emeritus III was withdrawn in favor of Cardinal Copia before the release of “Prequel”.

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