Tennessee singer-songwriter Teni Rane releases new single “Meet Me in Stockholm”


Heralded East Tennessee singer-songwriter Teni Rane has welcomed the next era of his musical journey with the release of the soulful new single, “Meet Me in Stockholm.”

A journey was as the rising folk-pop artist traveled 4,500 miles this summer to embark on a musical residency at Kneippbyn Resort Visby on the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. In contact with local engineer/musician, Roger Gustafsson (of Sandkvie Studios), the duo recorded four songs, including “Meet me in Stockholm“, with a trio of holiday-themed singles to follow “Cozy Inside” (11/4), “Rosemary & Evergreen” (11/25) and “Tennessee Snow” (12/9).

For Stockholm, the song and the city, Rane recalls: “For me, there is always a duality – this feeling of mourning and melancholy even in the most beautiful places and during the most unique experiences. Especially when I am alone in that experience or place. I have a deep desire to share experiences with others and sometimes find it hard to rest in an experience that I am having on my own. When I found myself living abroad in Sweden for 5 months away from my family and my future spouse, I felt so pulled a lot towards a feeling of loneliness in every amazing sunset, every summer day with incredible blue skies, every tantalizing whiff of apples in the autumn air. It took me a long time to learn that I could keep this loneliness and loneliness together in the same body at the same time. And that solitude has so much space and joy and openness.”

‘Time away’ and ‘distance from’ played a key role in Stockholm’s bilingual invitation to a loved one to find themselves in a special place on the other side of the world. The Swedish phrases used in the chorus are “Jag älsker dig” meaning “I love you” and “Kommer du” (“You come”).

So meet me in Stockholm in the summer.
Meet me in Stockholm. Jag älsker digs.
Meet me in Stockholm under the sky so blue.
Oh honey, I’ll be waiting. Kommer du?

“Cosy Inside” ventures closer to home, juxtaposing the bright, crisp mornings of a frosty late fall to the holidays with retirement in the warm, bright settings of holiday decorations and family celebrations that keep the early evening darkness at bay.

“When it’s unbearably cold at night – I mean the freezing cold of the first truly freezing nights in late fall, the ones you weren’t ready for yet, and the early darkness that begins to seem oppressive after the beautiful days of September – all I want from the world is candlelight, board games, hot meals and cozy evenings with my loved ones,” offers Rane.

The upbeat and upbeat “Rosemary & Evergreen” arrives the day after Thanksgiving, a perfect time for its family-centric subject matter. “In our little house, Jonathan, my partner and my wife, and I are celebrating something called ‘Arbor Day’ – it’s not Arbor Day or National Tree Week. tree. It’s a party we made up for ourselves. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we’ll pick out a living tree, decorate the house, trim the tree, drink hot chocolate, and listen to the records of the parties… Lights, trinkets and socks come down from the attic and the annual campaign to disinterest our cats in the living indoor tree begins.Rosemary & Evergreen is about this day, our day.

The singles quartet’s finale is the exquisitely lush, “Tennessee Snow,” which buries the rush of the holiday season under fresh snowfall and spends time enjoying a slower moment creating memories and promise to keep the love of the season even when the snow and the season fade. His garland of breathless vocals is wrapped in large echoing atmospheric instrumentation, a warm and cozy blanket. With notes from Steve Nicks, Neko Case, Norah Jones and Mazzy Star, it’s a snow globe of epic proportions.

Rane grew up in and around a community of musicians who helped instill in her an early love for music. His voice carries power and finesse with perfect balance to evoke the emotional feel of his lyrics, and his American version of certain covers are delightfully unexpected and well received by a wide audience. At every stage of his writing life, his original songs have revealed a level of maturity that allows him to weave common experiences into songs that captivate people of all age groups.

As a child, she often sang lyrics in the back seat of her family’s car, their six-CD changer introducing her to the writing of Nanci Griffith, Carole King, Beth Wood, John Prine, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. The resulting flavor of his original work is an eclectic mix of the great American songbook flavored with contemporary pop.

In 2020, Rane released his first EP, the bucolic Heart in Tennessee, which featured headliners, “You’re My Star”, “Numb”, “Cruise Control” and “Heart in Tennessee”. Americana Highways defended Rane’s “songwriting abilities, both musically and lyrically, as nothing short of awe-inspiring” while its local newspaper, Johnson City Press, recognized a rising star, inviting him to participate to their “From the Warehouse” live performance series.

Thriving in a listening room is where she feels most connected, spoken and unspoken conversations with an attentive audience. Since 2019, Teni has performed shows across the region, scoring her first major festival appearance this year at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion. It was a shining moment, a reunion with her childhood dreams that took her on exciting new adventures in storytelling and life.

Teni Rane on tour

November 04 – Bristol, Virginia – Radio Bristol (WBCM)
November 25 – Chattanooga, TN – Redbud
November 26 – Knoxville, TN – WDVX Blue Plate Special
November 29 – Asheville, NC – Funkatorium, Wicked Weed Brewing
December 9 – Abingdon, VA – Tumbling Creek Cider Company


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