The 10 Best New Metal Songs You Need To Hear This Week: The Hu, Clutch, Arch Enemy And More

Happy Friday! Or Saturday! Or Wednesday! Or whenever you read this, our weekly list of the best new music.

Before moving on to this week’s runners and runners, we have last week’s winner to announce. In a crowded field with Delain, Wednesday the 13th, Drowning Pool and more, Megadeth passed the post first by a long chalk – although hats off to dark horses Slaiughter To Prevail for coming second.

Okay, onto this week’s business. It’s a stellar lineup of stunning new tracks from epic Mongolian folk rockers The Hu, groove masters Maryland Clutch, British agit-punks Witch Fever, euro-doom OGs Candlemass and more. 10 bands, all of whom are making eyes at you in a cowardly attempt to get you to vote for them in the poll below. To you…

Metal hammer line cut

Le Hu – Black Thunder (Pt 2)

Mongolia’s biggest musical export since throat singing black thunder the “crown jewel” of the upcoming second album It’s Mongolian. In fact, it’s so epic that they released it in two parts, with the first one arriving last month. Accompanied by a typically epic video that puts most Hollywood blockbusters to shame, Part 2 is even more anthemic than its predecessor, pulsing with the energy of 100,000 angry horsemen heading your way at high speed.

Clutch – Knockdown Range

Masters of the groove, Clutch still bring some of the coolest effortless riffs after 30 years and 13 studio albums. Slaughter Beach is everything you could hope for from a Clutch single – massive riffs, Neil Fallon laying down the law like a rock ‘n’ roll preacher and a handful of sci-fi/fantasy imagery that wouldn’t seem out of place on Herbert’s Frank Dune.

Arch Enemy – The Watcher

Arch Enemy’s ability to craft utterly colossal anthems of melodeath is at the forefront of the band’s latest single, The Watcher. Boasting a chorus hook big enough to catch Jaws’ Bruce the Shark, The Watcher bridges the gap between Swedish melody and Iron Maiden, Jeff Loomis and Michael Amott’s double guitar assault leaning heavily on classic sensibilities of the heavy metal.

Witch Fever – I saw you dance

Rumbling basslines, droning guitars, and a video clearly inspired by found footage horror…must mean Halloween is right around the corner. I Saw You Dancing is a great example of how Witch Fever balances rumbling menace and screaming outbursts without actually relieving tension, the track sounding like a shabby strip of snuff found in an abandoned house.

AA Williams – Gold

Oceans of darkness and melancholy await on AA Williams’ new single Golden. Moving from a minimalist combination of piano and vocals to something more haunting and elegiac, the song is beautiful to behold and utterly intoxicating in its misery. Williams has never shied away from the dark side, but Golden completely envelops the listener.

Candlemas – Norse Gods

If you find yourself cursing the sun and begging for a reprieve from fall, Candlemass has you covered. The Swedish masters of doom metal are back with Scandinavian Gods, the first single from their new album Sweet Evil Sun, due out November 18th. Moving at a chilling pace and grounded in traditional heavy metal histrionics, Scandinavian Gods is a Candlemass classic through and through.

Cancer Bats – Friday Night (feat. Amy Walpole)

Breaking necks and breaking teeth is business as usual for cancer bats, Friday night no exceptions to the band’s generally accepted ability to kick seven shades of shit out of the listener. Witch Fever’s Amy Walpole adds additional barks to the track, a handy team-up considering the two bands are touring together in September.

UnityTX – Burnout

Looking for more brilliantly subversive hardcore along the lines of Turnstile? UnityTX has you covered, Burnout combining a pulsating, hard-hitting beat with trippy, almost shoegaze melodies and a conquering chorus. The song’s central bassline is insidiously infectious, adding extra bite to the “where’s my head” chorus – blown away by this song, clearly.

Irist – Healing

The beginnings of Irist order of the spirit was a tantalizing glimpse of what their sludge/prog combo could do, sadly cut short by the pandemic. Fortunately Healthe first song from the band’s upcoming EP Gloria, brings the same level of colossal heaviness and gargantuan melody to the table, with the band aiming for the stars in a way that will inevitably draw comparisons to Gojira. But then, when was it a problem to be compared to one of the best bands of the 21st century?

BlackLab – Crows Sparrows And Cats (with Laetitia Sadier)

A group whose name comes from a portmanteau of Black Sabbath and the Anglo-French avant-garde indie band Stereolab (of which Laetitia Sadier appears on the track no less), BlackLab can oscillate between occult rock, doom, punk and all the rest. Crows Sparrows and Cats’ punchy base riff definitely marks it in the Sabbat camp, but the swirling cosmic sounds also throw a bit of Hawkwind into the mix. A heady and addictive beverage, certainly.

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