Metal band LETTERKENNY Viking is in Valhalla after landing a spot on a major Scandinavian tour.
Ren Marabou and the Berserkers will be supporting metal legends Vadar on their “Final Declaration” tour of Denmark, Sweden and Norway in September.
The group consists of vocalist Ren Marabou (39), drummer Terrence McCann (53) and Michael Casserly (42) on bass.
Speaking to Donegal News this week, Ren, who lives in Meadowbank, said it was a dream come true to share the stage with Vadar who will also be supported by Hate and Thy Disease.
The group was formed barely a year and a half ago but has already enjoyed enormous success. They have just released their third album ‘Tales Of Rune’ and are signed to the American label United Music Mafia.
“It’s been a whirlwind year and a half,” Ren said.
“The first time we met, we made a music video. It was a very nice introduction. From there it just got better and better.
Their songs are based on Norse mythology and put a contemporary spin on Viking metal by incorporating traditional instruments like the harp and mandolin.
After a series of lockdowns during the pandemic that severely affected the live music industry, touring and seeing the world is exactly what Ren and his bands were hoping for.
“It’s amazing. We went from not being able to play at all to doing a big tour with bands that we would have listened to a long time ago,” Ren said.
“Vadar and Hate are two very big Polish metal bands. They’ve been going there since the 90s and have illustrious careers spanning decades.
“We’re nowhere near as heavy as the bands we tour with, but because we have this Viking theme in our music, we draw people in, especially in Scandinavia.”
Not only will the band share the stage with metal legends, but they can also ride the tour bus.
“We are blessed that they said yes. Two weeks ago we got the confirmation, the contract and the green light,” Ren said.
“To say we’re excited is an understatement.”
“Thank you to everyone at Creative Music and Massive Music for believing in us.
“Also, a huge thank you to our leadership at Split Screen Management, our label United Music Mafia, and everyone who has supported us thus far.”
The guys are now preparing for the Scandinavian concert series from September 8 to 16 and are also thinking about what’s next.
Closer to home, they landed a showpiece show at the Balor Theatre, Ballybofey on August 27.
“America is definitely on the cards for next year. We want to go there and play shows there,” Ren added.
The ‘Tales of Rune’ album, part of a trilogy that tells the stories of Vikings and Norse gods, is now out.

Posted: 9:05 am July 25, 2022