The best albums and songs of 2022 so far

So far, 2022 has been an avalanche of new music. As we pass the mid-year mark, we have already seen the return of some of the world’s biggest pop stars, experienced the rise of an exciting new avant-garde and the introduction of a host of new artists. Albums have been plentiful and new music even more – and there’s still plenty to come in the months ahead.

Taking stock of the music industry’s ocean of releases, NYLON has put together a sort of status report for the best music of the year so far, rounding up the treasured and newly loved songs and albums we’ve never seen before. ‘ve not stopped shooting despite this absolutely torrential rain of new production. Amid this year’s roll, music from established artists like Harry Styles and The Weeknd, up-and-coming songwriters like Ethel Cain, Momma, and up-and-coming icons like MUNA and FKA twigs, all stood out and kept busy. equal ground. on our reading lists. Below, check out the albums and songs the NYLON staff fell in love with – from Dawn FM at Yeule glitch princess – and find new gems to take home in the months to come.

Favorite NYLON Albums of 2022 (So Far)

Caprisongs – FKA twigs

Most of the time when I listen to FKA twigs I struggle with replayability. His past albums are beautiful – don’t get me wrong – but they’re also dense and complex, hard to casually ingest. I don’t have this problem with Caprisongs, the most open, easy and fun set of songs twigs has ever released. These are workouts, walks, and other random times in my life. And each time I listen to it, I discover a new favorite song. — Steffanee Wang, Associate Music Editor

Accident -Charli XCX

This whole album is a feast for the ears, and I listened to it over and over when it came out in March. Plus, my favorites Christine and the Queens, Caroline Polachek and Rina Sawayama are featured on the tracks. How could I not love him? — Alexa Pipia, Social Media Manager

Deluxe Ctrl -SZA

Ok, so maybe this answer is cheating, but SZA’s deluxe version is off his classic 2017 album CTRL still plunged me into my feelings. The new tracks add dimension to the already skip-free work, and this new release reminded me why I fell in love with SZA’s voice and songwriting in the first place. — Claire Valentine, Entertainment Editor

dance fever – Florence + The Machine

Universal Music Operations

An album without jumps that will have you oscillating between crying and dancing (or, at the highlights of the album, doing both at the same time). —Lauren McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief

Dawn FM – The weekend

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I listened Dawn FM steadily since its release, and its synthesized nihilism translates into the hot summer days as well as the freezing nights it recorded when it first dropped in January. What can I say, I’m a sucker for rising voices and a sad sad story. – RESUME

glitch princess – Yeule

With doll-like layered vocals and plenty of distortion, Yuele’s glitch princess makes you feel like you’re trapped in a distorted lucid dream sequence. It’s bizarre, haunting, and ultimately compelling. — Layla Halabian, Culture Editor

Harry’s house -Harry Styles

We love Harry’s weird era!!!!!!!! — Maria Bobila, fashion editor

Honestly it doesn’t matter -Drake

This whole tracklist has become my summer album. From “Massive” to “Tie That Binds”, there is something nostalgic Honestly it doesn’t matter it reminds me of Drake’s earlier career. — Kelly Reed, Social Media Writer

I don’t know who needs to hear this – Tomberlin

Of all the amazing albums that have come out this year, this is the one I’ve been looking back on the most. It is both soothing and emotionally invigorating. I can’t begin to count the number of moments or words that send chills all over my body. —LM

janky star -Grace Ives

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Grace Ives has made this year’s best-known pop record. I have already spoken poetically of my love for Janky Star, a collection of playful, irreverent and unexpected songs – and I will continue. Like its title, its songs turn everyday loser feelings into bright, dynamic pop gold. “Lazy day, feels good to repeat,” one line says. God knows I’ve gotten lost in this loop more than once this year. — SW

Pink RoomWet

I’ve been listening to Wet since a friend first sent me one of his tracks in 2013. I’m listening now Pink Room, which brings together singer Kelly Zutrau with the group’s early collaborators, takes me back to that time. Like much of Wet’s music, it’s both playful and sad, and Zutrau’s vocals are ever so haunting and soothing. – RESUME

preacher’s daughter – Ethel Cain

Daughters of Cain Records

I feel God in Ethel Cain’s debut album preacher’s daughtera cinematic and candid addition to the Americana canon. —Layla Halabian

Active radio – Body synchronization

As we all know by now, 2022 is the year of home. Bodysync, the side project of producers Ryan Hemsworth and Giraffage, put it together and gave us one of the best house albums of the year. No skips, just 37 straight minutes of non-stop grooves. — Lindsay Hattrick, lead designer

sun factory – Ufie

Uffie returns better than ever with an electric, otherworldly ode to the nightlife. Songs like “anna jetson” and “sophia” make me feel like I’m partying at the speed of light in another dimension. —Lindsay Hattrick

A Verano Sin Ti – Bad bunny

Bad Bunny delivered this album just before the summer because he knew we needed new songs to dance to. It really never disappoints. —AP

wet leg – Wet leg

A solid first indie rock album from a very stylish duo. I also find each song quite cathartic in these extremely tense times. Shout “Ur Mum” and you’ll feel it too. — Mo

NYLON’s Favorite Songs of 2022 (So Far)

“Everything But Me” – MUNA

THE breaking bop of the year. —LM

“Don’t Forget” – Sky Ferreira

I’m so excited that Sky Ferreira is back, and this song was well worth the wait. This track brings me back to my Tumblr self from 2014. Thanks Ciel!! —AP

“Firefly” – Shygirl

In a perfect world, this glitchy club track from London’s Shygirl would play at every party in every nation on Earth. Deliver us on the dance floor! —Layla Halabian

“jealousy” (feat. Rema) – FKA twigs

This is top notch music for getting ready to go out and the accompanying video with catchy choreography and plenty of fashion statements deserves your attention as well. — Mo

“HMU for a Good Time” – Tinashe, Channel Tres

All I’m asking is that we get sexier, sweaty, hypnotic club anthems from Tinashe and Channel Tres. Even on her bonus tracks, Tinashe delivers. —Lindsay Hattrick

“Hold My Hand” – Lady Gaga

Give Gaga all the Oscars! No one knows how to make a cinematic song like her. It looks just as epic at the 100th play as it did at the first. — Sam Neibart, Beauty Editor

“If Jesus Saves, She’s My Type” – Role Model

Role Model’s new album Rx is a masterpiece, but I had this one on repeat. —KR

“Moscow Mule” – Bad Bunny

The perfect summer song. Sounds better when driving with the windows down. — Mo

“No one dies of love” – ​​Tove Lo

“No One Dies From Love” is yet another perfect 10/10 pop song from Swedish pop princess Tove Lo. Heartbreak has never been so dramatic and danceable. —Lindsay Hattrick

“Plan B” – Stallion Megan Thee

Every time I listen to “Plan B” by Megan Thee Stallion, I feel like I’m invoking a spell to humiliate an (alleged!) ex-boyfriend. Imagine hearing the phrase “I’m the only reason your asshole has bitches” and not perishing on the spot. Let Meg make a universal diss track that will outlast us all. —Layla Halabian

“Satellite” -Harry Styles

When I first listened Harry’s house, “Satellite” immediately struck me. Then I saw chatter online that reminded fans of One Direction’s “Clouds” and I knew that was why my subconscious fangirl had turned to him. —PA

“Speeding 72” – Mom

“Speeding 72” is the song that introduced me to Momma, the Brooklyn band that I sincerely believe will be the next to explode. Just try to get the song’s funky, grungy guitar riff out of your head. You can not. — SW

“Spitting Off The Edge Of The Earth” (feat. Perfume Genius) – Yeah Yeah Yeah

A song that is both epic and intimate. Can’t wait to see what else YYY has in store for 2022. —LM

“Surprise Me” (feat. Azealia Banks) – Mallrat

Considering the talent in the room, it’s no surprise that a Mallrat x Azealia Banks collaboration turned out to be so eye-catching. Mallrat’s ethereal vocals rise above Banks’ luscious flow, resulting in a track as refreshing as a dip in a light blue pool. – RESUME

“Seize the Sun” – Goth Babe

If only I had a car in town to drive around with my windows down to this song. Goth Babe always delivers the perfect summer beat and the catchy “Taking Over The Sun” is no exception. —KR

“Texts Turn Green” – Drake

Every time I think I’m done with Drake, he annoyingly brings me back. Honestly it doesn’t matter. It’s just too bad Drake knows exactly what we want. — SW

“Where did you go?” – The fear of Jax Jones. MNEK

From the delightfully nostalgic opening beat to the lyrics, this song is essentially 2022’s answer to “What Is Love.” You can’t help but want to dance when you hear it. —SN

“West Wind” – Carly Rae Jepsen

I’ve had Dedicated on repeat since its release in 2019, and I’ve been waiting like the trusty CRJ stan I’m following its latest offering, which of course didn’t disappoint. “Western Wind” is both uplifting and melancholic, and takes me back to my native California every time I listen to it, which it often does. – RESUME

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