The group “Reptilian Christian Christ Violence” bathes its fans in blood


You thought you knew all the subgenres of heavy music? Well, how well do you know the reptilian Christian violence of Christ? If you’re not, then perhaps the hardcore punk-leaning Cancer Christ could be your gateway, as the band are starting to garner attention for their theatrically bizarre performances.

As indicated by The mirror, the band recently performed at the Barroom Blitz in Los Angeles where they attempted to “cleanse the damned” with bloody baptisms. But the fun doesn’t end there with ringless wrestling matches also taking place and as a series of Instagram photos show, the fun is taking place in the streets with a flamethrower being used as members of the public gathered.

The group said of the show, “Thursday was crazy, beautiful and incredibly historic,” later adding, “Thank you also to our new Church member @not_alex_kent_ for these biblical moments that prove, without no doubt that God is not dead! God bless you all!”

A closer look at their Instagram also reveals images and photos from past shows, including a wedding ceremony that took place on a Cancer Christ show.

So who are Cancer Christ and what is it? The band’s website reads: “Cancer Christ saw the sick and not too distant future of this ungodly world. Our dark existence needs a new, stronger word from God. Cancer Christ is the imperfect vessel for wage a holy war against those who wish to profit from the words of a dying prophet Cancer Christ understands that evil must be fought with true words and truer deeds; fire must be fought with fire, darkness must be fought with a burning and powerful holy light.

They also share an inclusive message stating, “The mission of Cancer Christ is to find lost souls to take up arms in this uncertain new celestial body. We accept all: black, white, gay, straight, trans and all others who wish to fight evil wherever it spews out its putrid, vile wickedness. »

The band’s frontman, Anthony Melhaff, said no echo in a 2021 interview, that after living a life of sin and darkness, he decided to serve punk rock in the name of faith. “I stand up for all the would-be scum who have never considered Jesus as an option,” the musician says, adding, “For the millions of demon worshipers who think Satan is tough, sick, or depressed. I want to let people know to all those bitches that god bitch slapped lucifer from heaven and only then did that punk bitch become satan god fucks the hardest and he’s ready to fuck the world whether you believe it or not .

The group has already released several videos for songs with titles such as “The Blood of Jesus” and “Do You Wanna Go to Heaven”. They also have a Wacko X Cancer Christ 7″ split which you can pick up here.

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