The Marty Winkler Songs I Never Sung for My Dad, and More Music News and Gossip

THE PRINCE AVENUE SONG BOOK: singer from Athens Marty Winker recently enjoyed further success across the Atlantic, where she was signed by the Swedish company Hemifran, which handles distribution and promotion in the UK and major European markets. This week, she officially releases her new album, Songs I never sang for my father, which has been available digitally for a few months. Winkler performs music from a wide range of popular early and mid-20th century vocal styles and often spans blues, mid-swing and sway, as well as standards. For more information, please visit and

SONGS LIKE THIS: Anticipation has been building for several months around the first album of Sloan Simpson, System update, slated for full release May 13 (digital) and July 1 (vinyl LP). Known best as a live recorder for the past two decades, Simpson began recording songs with a veritable cavalcade of stars in late 2020 after live shows were universally scuttled. The album is available for pre-order now and the vinyl is courtesy of Science Project Records. In the spirit of full disclosure, please know that I worked closely with Simpson on this release and efforts to bring it to market. That’s why you only get the facts, and no opinion, from me on this. To listen to new singles and place your order, go to

MADRAS & HUARACHES: Songwriter Elliott Shaw dropped a two-song single earlier this month (“Cat Got Tongue” b/w “Occurred to Me”), and it’s a double dose of sweet acoustic waves. Betraying familiarity with mid-1960s production styles and their turn-of-the-century revival, Shaw’s music evokes a kind of sweet nostalgia. Specifically, Shaw’s music is reminiscent of artists like The High Llamas, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and perhaps even a small, albeit exceptional, amount of Lee Hazelwood. Check it out at

MUSIC FOR IMAGINARY FILMS: Long-time musicians of Athens Joe Rowe and George Davidson have released their new collaborative collection of songs. Working together under the name Tradesformerly known as Cherry, this new six-track group is called deep ride. We last heard from the couple in May 2021 when they dated Wanted Poems. Similar in style, the new record again mixes expressions of earworm jazz with a touch of modernism. Davidson’s saxophone figures as the main driving melodic force, but Rowe’s thoughtful percussive expressions sustain it throughout. While I wouldn’t classify this as a traditional easy listen, it’s certainly not difficult, and those with a penchant for mood and expression may find it a suitable companion for cocktails, driving alone, or just watching. out the window and think. Find it at

SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP: The glitch-ambient project sweetearthflying has two new releases as we speak. The first, a single track over 17 minutes long titled “Reflecting Pool”, was released in January and is both long and crackling enough to itch the inner ear. The second, a three-track offering named Unfocused Enchantment, is more immediately melodic but still firmly anchored in its own head, especially on the multi-movement opening track “Twin Edges”. While I enjoyed both to varying degrees, neither will change your life, but they just might change your afternoon if you sit down and give them a chance to slowly wash you down. Find them at

I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C: We last heard from the composer Marcel Sletten and his Primal Void label last May while still a new transplant in Athens from Lodi, California. This week, on Friday February 25 to be exact, Sletten will be releasing their new album, Irish words and a bottle of myrrh. The album itself is quite long and has 16 full tracks. While Sletten’s work is quite influenced by the past 100 or so years of experimental composition, there are specific touchstones here that suggest a taste for primitive futurism. I found it more enjoyable when listened to from start to finish. In purely secular terms, it’s louder in its opening moves and eventually sheds some tough skin to reveal moments of traditional beauty. Find it at

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