THE QUIREBOYS Announce New Album “The Band Rolls On…”

Long-time British rockers THE QUIREBOYS will be releasing a new studio album titled “The group continues…” in December. This will mark their first collection of material since the lead singer’s departure. Peak (real name Jonathan Gray) in March. The group has since announced its decision to continue as five musicians, with a longtime guitarist Guy Griffin manage the voice.

After separation with Peakand between a busy touring schedule across the US, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Norway and the UK, THE QUIREBOYS have been in the studio to record a 10-track studio album of all-new material featuring star collaborations.

The album, which is now available for pre-sale, features well-known guests, including Joe Elliot (DEF LEPPARD),Anderson angry (PINK TATTOO),Charlie Star (MULBERRY SMOKE),Dan Roseau (DAN REED NETWORK),Josh Todd and Steve D. (CHERRY),Chip Z’Nuff (ENUFF Z’NUFF),ryan roxie (ALICE COOPER),Scotti Hill (SKID ROW),Steve Conte (NEW YORK DOLLS) and Tim Mosher (JUNKYARD).

Griffin says, “It’s great to have people we really respect and admire in the industry adding some of their magic to the new songs we’ve written. After twenty years of writing QUIREBOYS songs, these collaborations not only relieved me a little of the pressure, but brought a new perspective to the process, another way of looking at a song. It’s also a pleasure to sing alongside such big names.”

From the gospel-tinged rock riffs of the title track to the hypnotic groove of “So Glorious” (with Dan Roseau), it’s something different but with no less swagger. Griffin goes on to say, “It gave us a real chance to explore other styles as we continue our musical journey.”

Paul Guerin adds: “The new machine is fresh, tight, highly motivated and more capable than ever. We’ve been so excited that we haven’t stopped writing new material throughout all of the tours. To be honest, we have enough new material for three albums, but “The group continues…” will feature the first batch of THE QUIREBOYS.”

“The group continues…” is now available for pre-sale on CD or vinyl via the Off Yer Rocka record store. There will only be a small run of a thousand vinyl copies available.

Earlier this year, Peak fired back at his former bandmates, saying he had “no intentions” of walking away from THE QUIREBOYS. After the British rock stalwarts announced they had parted ways with Spike and would “continue as a band of five with all other current members”, he responded with his own statement, saying he had received “a letter from three of my band members informing me that my services are no longer required to sing or perform with them.” THE QUIREBOYS they later released a lengthy new statement in which they accused Spike of “refusing” to speak to them and “systematically refusing” to meet and discuss band issues for nine months. They also claimed that they had “traded as THE QUIREBOYS through a company registered with Companies House & HMRC for many years, a company Peak was asked to join but declined, preferring to be hired as a freelancer, ‘cash in hand’.” They reiterated that “Peak does not legally own the band or the name.” A few hours later, Peak posted a response to THE QUIREBOYS‘, insisting that he holds the mark of THE QUIREBOYS name and accusing his former bandmates of trying to “discredit” him by “saying[ing] whatever they see fit about me, whether it’s true or not.”

THE QUIREBOYS released their most recent album, the highly acclaimed “An Incredible Shame”in 2019.

The band’s first album, “A little of what you want”was released in 1990 and included the song “Hey You”, which was THE QUIREBOYS‘ biggest hit, reaching No. 14 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 5 on the US Billboard Rock chart.

In 2020, THE QUIREBOYS were to celebrate their 35th anniversary with a tour. The trek, which ended up being canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, would also have marked 30 years since the release of “A little of what you want”.

After the band formed in London in 1984 – originally as CHOIR CHILDRENthen QUEERBOYSbefore settling on the less controversial name of THE QUIREBOYS — six years of hard work and personnel changes followed.

THE QUIREBOYS performed in front of 72,000 people in the 1990s rock monsters in Donington with people like WHITE SNAKE, AEROSMITH and POISON. They supported THE ROLLING STONES that same year in Newcastle, and opened for GUNS N’ ROSES at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1987 and again a few years later on their “Use Your Illusion” round.

The public’s appetite for THE QUIREBOYS was back and hasn’t faltered since – three more studio releases (“Well Oiled”, “The Homebreakers and the Heartbreakers”, “Halfpenny Dancer”) were released on various labels from 2004 to 2009 before the band found their new permanent home on Off Yer Rockathe label of the famous festival brand hard rock hell.

An anniversary edition — entirely re-recorded — of “A little of what you want” was highly rated in 2021.

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