The sensational return of Beyoncé, the posthumous exit of Sidhu Moose Wala

We’ve put together a list of new tracks to be released this week. From Beyoncé’s flashy comeback and album announcement to smashing new single from Imagine Dragons, we’ve got you covered. Make your monsoon days enjoyable with these latest picks.

Some honorable mentions: AURORA and the English version of Qing Feng Wu’s “Storm”, “YaYa” by Lion Babe and Bbymutha, “Come Home!” by Chicago singer Claud, and “Chosen” by Sudanese-American artist Dua Saleh.

This week also welcomes the arrival of new albums: House, before and after

by Regina Spektor and Sometimes forever

by Soccer Mommy.

1. Beyoncé – Break My Soul

Beyoncé is back to spice up the pop industry with the announcement of her latest album, Renaissance. His latest studio album, Lemonade, came out over six years ago. The first single Renaissance is a house track titled “Break My Soul” which samples Robyn S’ house classic, “Show Me Love”. The lyrics nod to the big resignation as Queen Bey sings about the stress of her job and her desire to leave it. Although his rapping feels a bit out of place and the track doesn’t quite hit the level of emotional release as it’s designed to, the track is saved by Bey’s charisma and key change to the fine, clean house beats, and the unmistakable voice of rapper Big Freedia in the guest feature.


2. Tove Lo – True Romance

The Swedish popstar behind “Habits (Stay High)” has announced the title, cover and tracklist for his upcoming album, Dirty Woman. The second single from the record is “True Romance”. Inspired by the cult classic film, true romance, Lo sings again about unrequited love and unstable relationships. Lo’s vocals are heartbreaking and passionately fiery. The track itself is more on the stripped down and minimal side of things. But it’s understandable. Why use heavy production when you have Tove Lo’s glorious voice wailing like a siren?


3. Imagine Dragons – Sharks

The rock band behind “Radioactive” make an interesting pop-rock song that’s carried by their infectious hook that plays in a minor key. As a result, “Sharks” is scary, disturbing, and fun to listen to.


4. Sidhu Moose Wala – SYL

The posthumous release of “SYL” sees Sidhu’s strong lyrical and vocal prowess as he raps against a steady hip hop beat. “SYL” is produced by MXRCI.


5. Azealia Banks – I Rule the World

It looks like we’re in the midst of a vogue-house revival. As Beyoncé and Drake tackle house music in their latest releases, let’s remember the rapper who has once again popularized the house vogue in recent years. Azealia Banks, the mastermind behind “212” and “Anna Wintour,” makes the perfect soundtrack for vogue and fashion shows with her latest release: the lively “I Rule The Word.”


6. MØ – True Romance

The Danish singer-songwriter, best known for DJ Snake and Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” puts her smoky vocals to good use in this guitar-driven pop song. The chorus is compelling and its harmonies are reminiscent of Zyra, while the lyrics are deeply relatable.


7. WILLOW – it’s my fault

pop punk star


8. Mura Masa – Hollaback B**ch (with Shygirl and Channel Tres)

This electronic dance cut can do without the unnecessarily sleepy, jaded vocals of singer Channel Tres, who last irked this writer in Gus Dapperton’s “Palms.”

Besides him, “Hollaback B**ch” has merit in producing Mura Masa and guest feature Shygirl.


9. Mrs. Banks – Bounce Back

Rapper Ms Banks delivers a stellar performance in this catchy hip hop track produced by Ebenezer and Magnus Klausen.


10. Josie Man – nobody cares

English singer-songwriter Josie Man has announced his EP, me at 23. This is his third extended piece after Stormy skies (diamonds) (2021) and lovingboothang (2020). Man released his second single from the EP, titled “Nobody Cares”. She had teased this long-awaited piece on her Instagram. And now we can enjoy this creamy and sweet little pop treat.


11. Jaz Karis – OPTION

We get a slow-building R&B and pop ballad from English artist Jaz Karis. The sweeping production compliments Karis’ smooth, soothing vocals and perfectly nails the song’s pained sentiment.


12. Kai Whiston – Q (feat. Pussy Riot)

London-based multidisciplinary producer and artist Kai Whiston is collaborating with Russian music project Pussy Riot to create a heavy industrial noise track. Nadya Tolokonnikova’s high-pitched, Grimes-esque voice is faintly heard on this elusive, abstract track. “Q” definitely grows on you.


13. Leah Kate – Twinkle Twinkle Little B

The TikTok star is releasing “Twinkle Twinkle Little B.” The track, which samples the lullaby “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” is clearly a song made to go viral on the app. The sampling feels unsuitable and forced because aside from the lullaby, Kate doesn’t really incorporate any other toddler themes or motifs into the song. It makes choosing this specific lullaby like a sample stick out like a sore thumb. The lyrics are incredibly basic and stereotypical. The pop-rock sound seems to have tried to emulate another equally infamous TikTok viral hit – GAYLE’s “abcdefu”. Certainly not for most listeners.


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