The Weeknd New Album: What are the best songs on ‘Dawn FM’?


The waits for the end of the release of The Weeknd’s fifth album, which arrives in early 2022 and some already define it as the continuation of his previous work, After hours, corn Dawn FM has everything you need to have a life of your own.

Abel Tesfaye, real name of the Canadian artist, had already announced that he would release his new album on January 7 and his 11 songs are already available on all music streaming platforms, with clear references to the music of the years. 70 and 80, but in reality it is 52 minutes of a work with multiple influences and collaborations.

The list of guest artists includes musical legends such as Quincy Jones, as well as numbers such as Lil ‘Wayne, Oneohtrix Point Never, Swedish House Mafia and Tyler, The Creator, in addition to a renowned actor Jim carrey, which plays an important role in the album.

The concept of the album recalls Songs of the queens of the stone age for the deaf, a radio station from the 80s, although in this case there is also Motown-style sounds, plus a somewhat unexpected voiceover and jokes included.

A Tale By Quincy, an intimate revelation

Jones is an iconic music producer who has collaborated with icons such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, Billy Preston or Donna Summer, but this time he is heard in the song A Quincy Tale, making a revelation of his childhood to the rhythm of funk.

Less than zero is a ballad that breaks with the highly dancing rhythms and instead describes a relationship in which one side feels less than the other, although it doesn’t sound like a clear reference to a failed relationship for the Canadian.

Michael Jackson influences and Carrey collaboration

Not only through Jones’ collaboration, Dawn FM also has other references to Michael jackson, as we can hear in the songs Out of time and Here we go again, where the tones and rhythms lead us to remember MJ scene with The Jackson 5.

The latest song surprises again, starring Carrey, the same man who has appeared in films like Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In addition to being the voice in the interludes, Jim is heard in Phantom Regret by Jim, a story that ends up bringing a sense of hope, in addition to the fact that the actor himself serves as the songwriter and producer.

Although many criticize him The weekend stagnated in the musical sound that worked so well in his later works, Dawn FM is another success in the career of the Canadiens, who are looking to make 2022 his own as he has done before.

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