Thundermother singer Guernica Mancini releases video for her first solo single “Inception”


Thundermother singer Guernica Mancini releases video for her first solo single “Inception”

thunder mother singer Guernica Mancini is branching out on its own as she just released a video for her debut solo single “Inception.”

Dustin HardmanThe press release states in part (with slight modifications):

“’Inception’ is the first solo single from the Swedish rock singer Guernica Mancini (lead singer of thunder mother) and will be available via Golden Robot Folders the 11th of November.

After forging a brilliant career at the head of thunder motherwith over 300,000 monthly listeners and millions of streams, Guernica worked on a solo side project that can only be described as a mind-blowing fusion of rock and pop.

Sonically, the first single features groovy guitar riffs backed by heavy drums and powerful vocals that display impressive range, clarity, and the perfect amount of grit.

‘Inception’ will be premiered on Saturday by WBC Australasia and WBA Asia boxing champ Linn Sandstrom as the release song to make its UK Main Event debut at York RoomLondon for the WBA Intercontinental Title.

Both Guernica Mancini and Linn Sandstrom have a lot in common; they are both strong women from Sweden who know exactly who they are and where they are going – TO THE TOP!

Buy/stream’Creation HERE

About Guernica Mancini

Guernica Mancini is one of the best Swedish rock singer/songwriters in the world.

Music has always been a big part of his life, from growing up in a church choir to forming his first band at age 14.

Photo courtesy of Dustin Hardman

In 2007, Guernica registered with the prestigious Institute of Musicians in Los Angeles, California, where she won a songwriting contest. This led her to record with the famous music producer Daryl Swannwho has worked with artists such as Black Eyed Peas, John Frusciante and Macy GrayJust to name a few.

During his stay at Institute of Musiciansshe formed the all-female band ingloriousperforming at concert halls in LA as well as Las Vegas, including House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, The key club and The Roxy.

2010 saw mancini team up with Jeff Young (former member of Megadethlisten)) as the lead vocalist of his band souls on 11.

After five years in Los Angeles, Guernica returned to Sweden and formed his own band The royal heckling. For the next four years the band played all over Sweden and toured all over Europe.

2017 gave Guernica the opportunity to audition for the Swedish girl rock band thunder motherof which she has since become the lead singer.

mancini was the lead vocalist for the last three thunder mother albums and has been a songwriter in the later ones. They toured the world, played massive festivals such as Wacken, Swedish rock festival, Alcatraz, release festival and reload festival. They also presented on The Kiss Cruise, Full Metal Cruise and supported The dead daisies, backyard babies and rose tattoo.

thunder mother is by far one of the hardest working and most touring bands in the world and Guernica is the voice of this thunder machine! In 2020, she joined Hank Von Hell on his single ‘Crown’ from his album dead. In 2021, the group King Zebraalso signed at Golden Robot Folders‘ metal tag Cross Foldersasked Guernica to join them on their song ‘Wall of Confusion’.

“Doing something creative that is completely mine is something I have aspired to do since I was very young. It’s scary but at the same time so exciting and fun! I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity. More than anything, I feel so happy that my comrades from thunder mother are really supportive and excited for me. So now let it Guernica solo legacy begins. – Guernica Mancini

Guernica ManciniThe video “Inception” by:

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