Tool, Anthrax and more appear on the covers of the new issue

Forty years ago in July, a band called Anthrax formed in Queens, New York. Twenty years ago in May, an album titled Lateral stumbled upon an unsuspecting world. A lot has changed in the decades since, including the possibilities of heavy music, which has expanded in many ways, some with Anthrax and Tool. These two intrepid and innovative bands paved the way for Jinjer, Beartooth, Backxwash, Amenra and others to make this season some exciting and far-reaching sounds. Welcome to our Summer 2021 issue.

The new printed edition features Anthrax, Tool, Bear tooth, Jinjer and red fang through its alternative covers. Check back next week for exclusive collection packs for each blanket and other specials!

See the full list of content for the issue below.

Ashanti Mutinta from Backxwash

photograph by Chachi Revah

Five artists you must know by now
Backxwash, extreme rap visionary and Svalbard singer Serena Cherry’s Skyrim-the Noctule-themed black-metal project, doomgaze King Woman theatrical outfit and screamo-sasscore crime partners SeeYouSpaceCowboy and If I Die First


It took fights, side projects, epic jams, and one of the most famous math formulas. The result was an all-time masterpiece. Adam Jones looks back on Lateral 20 years later.


Bear tooth
Leader Caleb Shomo reflects on the experiences that made him what he is today


Big 4’s east coast kings look back on 40 years of pioneering thrash with friend, fan and famous collaborator Chuck D


A self-proclaimed wallflower, singer Tatiana Shmayluk is no stranger to isolation. No wonder then that her forties brought out the best in her and her group.


red fang
Portland’s stoner-metal comedians reunite with “Blood Like Cream” co-star Fred Armisen. “Daddy’s jokes are coming!” “


To doors
The Swedish pioneers of melodic death metal have always had a “limitless” attitude. Three decades later, they embody it more than ever.


Black Nights: Death Metal
Inside the Renegade DC comic book series and its state-of-the-art soundtrack, which “make up madness till 11”


Colin H. van Eeckhout
Amenra singer talks about rituals, suffering and “long farewell”

Plus, an original psychedelic artwork by visual artist and tattoo artist Jondix inspired by Tool’s Lateral

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