TRIBULATION’S ADAM ZAARS Provides Update On The Band’s New Upcoming Material


Gothic black metalheads Tribulation are fresh off the road, terrorizing Europe on the mighty Chariots of Fire tour alongside Expect, abbathand Bolzer. Does this mean the business of making dark, jagged, wicked metal can begin?

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Sweden’s cohort of lovers of the macabre and the occult clad in corpse paint have released one of 2021’s gems in Where darkness becomes sound. Now just weeks away from the surprise release of the single featuring longtime guitarist “Hamartia” Adam Zaars (ex-Executor, ex-Risk)recount Metal injection that more new music from those same sessions could hit the airwaves soon.

“It feels longer to me because we recorded it almost a year before that, and wrote the stuff even before that,” Zaars said of TribulationThe acclaimed record of 2021. “Personally, it’s been a while, but [the new single] was neither of those I would say. It’s not a remnant and I have no idea if it hints at something to come because I don’t know. I really do not know. That’s just where we are right now. And we recorded a few other songs in those sessions and they’ll be out in a while as well. So I guess you’ll all hear more.

“I mean joseph [Tholl, guitarist] wrote one of the upcoming songs. So, it could indicate something he wants to incorporate more into the group. But then again, I don’t think he knows that yet. But we’ll start putting together more songs now, soon. But yeah, I don’t know where it’s going to go. I always just have little snippets of songs, like intros. Lots of intros, too many intros. I wish I had more middle sections and stuff like that, a few building blocks to cement everything together. But what’s in between is the most interesting thing to me. And it’s still not there. I would be surprised if we did something super controversial and new. But then again, you never know.”

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