Watch former ABBA backing vocalist Bjorn Ulvaeus Roast on video


ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus re-recorded one of the band’s classic songs and accompanied it with a lighthearted video as a roast for fellow Swedish musician Tomas Ledin.

The roast was performed live at Ledin’s celebration concert at Stockholm’s Avicii Arena on February 25, which marked his 70th birthday. Ledin was one of ABBA’s backing vocals in the 70s and toured with the band before finding success on his own. He is married to the daughter of a former band manager.

The video features Ulvaeus singing “Hey Grand Ol’ Man”, an English revision of ABBA’s first-ever hit, “Hej Gamle Man”. He was seen dressed in campaign gear as he drove a truck, strolled through a train station, line-dancing and thrashed about with his boots as he told Ledin: ‘Now is the time for you to learn that girls don’t see old men / And once you become invisible, you’ll never be seen again.

You can watch the “Hey Big Ol’ Man” music video below.

ABBA will launch a virtual concert experience in a custom-built venue in London in May. After the release of the new album Travel last year, the band’s Benny Andersson said no more music would follow.

“That’s it,” he insisted. “It must be, you know.” He said the decision had nothing to do with the strife that plagued the members in the 80s. “We saw each other over the years, we met for this and that. We are friends.”

But Anni-Frid Lyngstad later suggested it wasn’t over. “I learned to never say never,” she noted. “This year we probably said it had to be the last thing we do because… [we’re] thinking about our ages, you know. We are no longer young, but I say you never know. So don’t be too sure.

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