We came in as the singer of Romans voiced the theme of Jack Spade in ‘Heels’

There is a new empire for We Came to conquer as Romans frontman Dave Stephens. The musician received a feature film on Sunday night (October 10), voicing the theme song for Jack Spade’s character in the wrestling-themed Starz series season finale. Heels.

For those who have followed the show throughout the season, you’ve probably heard some of the Spade-themed music, but the show’s creators decided they wanted the song, titled “Hail to the King. “, or more fleshed out. out for the final. Enter Stephens to lend his voice.

Heels music supervisor Jonathan Leahy explains: “The character of Stephen Amell [Jack Spade] has a great entry song heard throughout the first season of Heels, an instrumental by producer Sean Segal. For the final, we wanted to make the track even more powerful and aggressive. I turned to our friends from Roc Nation, they brought in singer Dave Stephens and he sang with all his heart. The finished track is massive and brutal, just what the final episode needed.

“Making a feature film for something so different from my usual specs was already exciting, but once I saw the trailer for the show I was ecstatic,” Stephens added. “I grew up watching wrestling and loved transforming the trampoline in my friend’s backyard into our own wrestling ring, so it’s an honor to be a part of something like that.”

He continues, “Writing the lyrics, melodies and cadences to this song was also fun. I loved creating something that exemplifies Jack Spade’s character and is what he is at heart.”

Listen to the track below and if you like what you hear it’s available on the right here.

The Heels This feature is just the latest track in Stephens’ new music, as he and his bandmates We Came as Romans released the songs “Darkbloom” and “Black Hole” (with Caleb Shomo) over the course of two months. The band is also on their Plant a seed anniversary tour, with dates and ticket information available directly here.

Sean Seagal + Dave Stephens, “Hail to the King”

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