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I know we call this time of year “the holiday season,” but it would seem that some vacations during this season are more important than others.


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Concretely, if we are talking about music, Christmas is definitely king while the New Year is its poor cousin. And Boxing Day is like an impoverished second cousin living in the New Year’s garage.

Turn on just about any radio station from late November to late December and you’ll hear a veritable cornucopia of songs that include the word Christmas – It’s starting to sound a lot like Christmas, Merry Christmas Baby, White Christmas, I go Be home for Christmas, have a merry little Christmas, do they know it’s Christmas etc. etc.

And then there’s a whole myriad of holiday music that doesn’t specifically mention Christmas, but it’s really not too hard to know what day those songs are about – namely, December 25th. I’m thinking here of songs like (the really unbearable) Little Drummer Boy, Frosty the Snowman, Run Rudolph Run, Deck the Halls (whoever the lyricist of that song should be fired from – first of all, who during of the past 500 years said ‘I’m going to dress my halls with holly branches? la la la la s’ is just lazy).

But if you suddenly feel like hearing some harmonious music on, say, the start of a whole new year or, uh, the day that celebrates the giving of boxes to servants, traders and the poor (Boxing Day), very hard tuchus because they hardly exist.


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The only widely known New Year’s song is, of course, Auld Lang Syne by famous Scottish poet Robbie Burns. And honestly, it’s not a song that deals specifically with the New Year; it’s a song about remembering old acquaintances and drinking cups of cuteness and running in the hills, picking daisies, the thing the Scots do, I guess.

Many prominent artists have tried to make New Years songs – with varying degrees of success – but none of them have really succeeded.

The disco lords and Swedish supergroup Abba made the song Happy New Year (their working title for the song was apparently Daddy Don’t Get Drunk on Christmas Day, so basically it was a Christmas song) which was huge in Vietnam, apparently, but it’s not a classic you hear too often.
’70s songwriter Barry Manilow tried to make a breakthrough for New Year’s music with It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve, but the song is so sad and melancholy that you don’t really want to hear it at another point in time. ‘year.

Artists ranging from Eagles to U2 to Bon Jovi have composed New Years themed songs, all of which are great, thank you very much, but no one is clamoring to listen to a 24 hour radio station playing New Years songs. An., Now are they?

What about Boxing Day? The only song I found on Boxing Day was created by California punk band Blink 182 (which is weird because I thought Boxing Day was only celebrated in Commonwealth countries, but apparently it was celebrated in Commonwealth countries). is a holiday in Massachusetts, but not a statutory holiday). His lyrics have the lines ‘I’m empty like Boxing Day’, which kind of reflects the tone of the whole song, which is to say it’s really depressing.


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If you’re looking for some happy, upbeat, and hummable Boxing Day tunes, you’re pretty much in the Vacation Stream Without a Paddle. You could almost describe the lack of Boxing Day / New Year songs as some sort of existential crisis.

But as Chinese philosophers used to say at the time, so much so that it has become a proverb, with every crisis comes an opportunity.
Today’s generation of musicians and performers should see the yawning void in holiday music for the holidays other than Christmas as a golden opportunity. They can create songs on the New Years and / or Boxing Day and bring balance back to the holiday music world.
If any of you, musicians / artists, want to get started, here are some suggested titles: Have a great year; The little boxing boy; Rudolph the Red Nosed New Year’s Party Animal; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Boxing Day).

Either way, whatever music you listen to, have a great holiday and hope 2022 is a lot better than 2021.



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