Wednesday Announces New Covers Album “Mowing the Leaves Instead of Stacking Them”

The Asheville indie rock band announced a new cover album Wednesday titled Mow leaves instead of piling them. The 9-track collection drops March 11 via Ordinal records and includes their versions of songs by Vic Chesnutt, Smashing Pumpkins, Roger Miller, Drive-By Truckers, and more. Check out a video of the main cover “She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinkin’ Doubles)” below, originally recorded by Gary Stewart.

“Wednesday owes so much to our musical influences,” singer Karly Hartzman said in a statement about the project. “The music we love is a big part of what brought us together. My bandmates Margo and Xandy both had infamous live venues in Asheville, Jake was part of a billion different bands that often played in their damp basements and Alan was usually the one bringing the PA . Our immersion in music preceded us trying to make songs together ourselves.

“Our shared interests in loud ’90s guitars, good lyrics and country music quickly permeated our voice as a band,” she continued. “Most of the decisions in our songs are made by a fusion of our five entries, which happens quite naturally because of this thread of influences that binds us together. So when we had the opportunity to record with Alli Rogers at Betty’s studio in Durham, NC, we’ve decided to record covers and hopefully repay some of the huge debt we owe to the artists who have contributed so much to the music that we write ourselves.”

Wednesday released their latest album, twin wounds, Last year. Read our Artist Spotlight interview with Wednesday.

Mow leaves instead of piling them Cover illustration:

Mow leaves instead of piling them List of tracks:

1. She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinkin’ Double) [Gary Stewart]2. I am the cosmos [Chris Bell]3. Lock, Stock and Teardrops [Roger Miller]4. Women Without Whiskey [Drive-By Truckers]5. I had 2 tries [Hotline TNT]6. Sacrifice (for love) [Greg Sage]7. Rabbit box [Vic Chesnutt]8. Baby Time II [Medicine]9. Perfect [Smashing Pumpkins]

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