Why is Kelly Clarkson changing her name? Last name explored as singer legally files to change it

Following Kanye West, celebrity singer-songwriter and host Kelly Clarkson filed for a name change to legally exclude her renowned surname. According to court documents obtained by US Weekly, the 39-year-old filed the legal request to have her last name removed on February 14, 2022.

The Texas native wants her new legal name to be Kelly Brianne. Brianne was once her middle name. Kelly Clarkson’s legal appeal to change her last name comes a year after her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, to whom she was married for eight years.

Potential Reasons Behind Kelly Clarkson’s Legal Appeal To Change Her Last Name

In court documents, Brianne allegedly mentioned:

“…my new name better reflects who I am.”

According to US Weekly, the 39-year-old singer has a court hearing on March 28 regarding her appeal to change her name.

the Louder (What doesn’t kill you) The singer’s decision to change her name could be due to her past relationship with her late father. Clarkson didn’t change her last name until recently despite having an estranged relationship with her biological father, Stephen Michael Clarkson.

Even after her marriage, Kelly Brianne Clarkson chose not to take her husband’s last name. However, it is very unlikely that this name change will affect his professional career where his surname is associated with his musical rights and his eponymous talk show.

So, it’s possible that despite her name change, she’ll stick professionally to Kelly Clarkson to keep things simple.

Kelly Clarkson had a complicated relationship with her late father

While Clarkson’s estranged father, Stephen, died in 2019, their relationship could have contributed to his decision. Clarkson’s parents separated when she was apparently six years old, forcing her siblings to live apart.

Following their divorce, Kelly’s older brother lived with their father and his older sister had to live with their aunt. During this time, Clarkson had to live with her mother.

In recent years, the singer has spoken a lot about the lack of presence of her father in her life. During a 2017 interview with Norwegian-Swedish talk show host, Skavlan, Kelly Clarkson revealed that she was not in contact with her biological father.

The voice Judge added that she had tried to reconnect with him. However, that probably didn’t work. She clarified:

“…you keep trying and you’re like ‘you know, I shouldn’t work so hard for someone’s sake.’

Previously, the Grammy-winning artist released two songs about her experience with her parents’ divorce and her estranged father at the time. In 2004, the singer released Because of youwhere she spoke about the impact of her parents’ divorce on her life.

Meanwhile, his 2015 song Room by room compared her ex-husband’s role in their daughter’s life to her father’s presence in her life.

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