Young Royals Soundtrack I All Songs From The Swedish Drama

Swedish teen drama series Young Royals is coming to Netflix this summer, and right from the start, it’s hard not to notice the show’s soundtrack.

Throughout the series, the soundtrack incorporates modern, rhythmic dance floors in contrast to the stuffy interiors of the palace and the buttoned-up public persona that Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) has to adopt.

From Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid Smeplass (“Astrid S”) to Dutch duo Fata Boom, the show’s soundtrack is best described as a mix of Nordic and Scandinavian electro hiphop.

The music also provides the first connection between Wilhelm and the lover Simon (Omar Rudberg), when the latter performs a version of “It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane” (The Ark) at a school assembly.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Young Royals soundtrack.

Young Royals Soundtrack – official trailer

Different strokes – Astrid S.

Young Royals soundtrack – episodes 1 and 2

budding ghetto – Fata Boom

Thunderbolt –Tiborg

Blah blah blah – Armin van Burren

I see you – Tilli/Tiborg

It takes a fool to stay sane – The Ark (sung by Simon and the school choir in Young Royals)

Believing in the club – Tiborg/Jeak

Hands up – Jacob Blair, Gabriella Chering, Adele Roberts, Charlie Tenku

Not tomorrow – Ty Frankel, Myariah Summers, Stephane Lo Jacomo

Alpha – Kramer & LINDBERG

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